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Are You Missing Out?

Switching from a Personal to a Business Instagram Account can be a daunting prospect: Questions arise regarding whether it affects engagement rates, authenticity, and your overall experience of the platform.

When Instagram first introduced business accounts back in May 2016, they did implement an algorithmic system to penalise business profiles in the hope of generating in-app ad revenue. However, a lot has changed and we've come a long way since 2016. The truth now is: Instagram has ensured that there is no longer a system of penalisation for business accounts. Authenticity and engagement boil down to how you interact with your audience. They already know you’re doing paid collaborations and that a sponsored post should be a celebration of your content, not something to hide.

The benefits of the switch culminate in you gaining complete control over your feed - both in your experience of organic and sponsored posts - as members of our community have already highlighted.

“I was able to provide proper stats & analytics for my clients, which makes brand deals much more manageable.” - @teaandtwigs.

By changing your Instagram account to ‘Business’ the number of singular gains to your user experience are countless.

Through analytics, you can now get an overall view of your post insights. For instance, your impressions, reach, follower information within the past week, and now more recently - the number of times your followers send and save the post - can all be accessed at a tap of a finger. Audience demographics are vital for really understanding your followers - you can even see the times that work best for posting based on live engagement rates.

If you’re wanting to step up your paid promotion game, having a business account is crucial. Brands now want to see certain stats that are not available to those who don’t have a business account. And as a creator for Whalar, having access to these statistics strengthens our ability to put you forward for campaigns. You’re able to form a stronger pitch as to why you’re the best creator for the job, above and beyond the strength of your content alone.

“Some clients actually request to see the engagement and the analytics per post. The swipe up link on IGS is also one of my favourite tools because I can directly link my followers to my other social media accounts (blog, YT, etc) and clients also get to see how many clicks I’ve gotten.”

Ready to make the switch? Find out how here.

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