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#ObjectProject_Candle with @marte_marie_forsberg

#ObjectProject is our monthly hashtag that challenges our community on Instagram. Get involved, join the creative community, and have your work seen by the Whalar team!

As the New Year begins and decorations are taken down, the darkest month is still ahead of us. Without the glow of the Christmas tree it's in January that we turn to the soft flicker of firelight.

In her 17th Century, English cottage, @marte*marie*forsberg knows a thing or two about working with candlelight, so we met up and challenged her to lead this month's #ObjectProject_Candle.

After moving to the English Countryside from her native Norway, Marie developed a unique ability to fill the darkest of spaces with a welcoming warmth. Light and shadow are key to her signature style, so do watch through her video to see her work in action and pick up tips from her full interview.

When working on your creation for the project, remember to bring your own interpretations to the table. Marie will not only be looking for something original but is also keen to see

"an image that creates an atmosphere or instantly makes you feel something."

To enter, add the hashtag #ObjectProject*Candle to content shared on your main Instagram grid before Wednesday 30th January at 5pm GMT. The winner will receive a beautiful framed print of their work, and be chosen and shared by @martemarie_*forsberg. You've got just over 3 weeks enter, so get to it and gather inspiration from Marie's video and pop over to our Pinterest board for extra ideas. We can't wait to see what you create!

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