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#ObjectProject_Jewellery with @mossonyi

#ObjectProject is our monthly hashtag that challenges our community on Instagram. Get involved, join the creative community, and have your work seen by the Whalar team!

Clothing and style play a huge role in how we express ourselves. We wear objects close to our hearts that represent who we are and how we want to be seen by those around us. This was the premise of this month’s challenge; to ask our community to deepen the character of their content and showcase how their jewellery connects to their personal narrative.

To lead the project, we met up one of our creator’s who has perfected the art of effortless accessorising. For Onyi, every outfit is an opportunity to make a statement. Separate from the expectations of everyday life, her use of jewellery has become an artistic release that channels her truly striking nature.

By continually exploring her style, Onyi has grown in confidence as a culturally relevant fashion-focussed creator. Since her creative journey came into being, Onyi has realised her love for finding those shimmering moments that tell the story of who she is. All of her skills come together for our latest theme, making Onyi the perfect judge for this month's #ObjectProject_Jewellery.

When working on your creation for this project, remember to focus on jewellery that is really genuine to who you are and expresses your story.

"I'm looking for someone who's managed to incorporate the pieces in a very natural way, so make it a part of the image rather than the sole focus."

Your unique style and ability to bring something new to the creative table is what we'll be looking for above all else!

To enter, add the hashtag #ObjectProject_Jewelry to content shared on your main Instagram grid before Wednesday 27th March. The winner will receive a beautiful framed print of their work, chosen and then shared by @mossonyi.

You've got just 3 weeks to enter, so gather inspiration from Onyi’s video and pop over to our Pinterest board for extra ideas. We can't wait to see what you create!

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