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The November Whalar Meet-up

Returning to our favourite North London pub, Whalar hosted our second intimate influencer meetup. To discuss issues, recent events, how we could improve and what we have to look forward to in 2019.

Attending Influencers








Attending Whalar Team

Chelsea Carter - Head of Content and Community

Alyssa Morgan - Community and Events Executive

Georgie Johnson - Client Executive

Jess Van Wyk - Campaign Manager

Ruth Bourne - Client Executive

The Agenda

We divided the discussion into 5 main points; User Experience, Other Platforms, Community Experience, Perks and Fees, and Workload. Take a look below to read what was raised about those key points, and what we’re doing to act on them.

1) User experience

Issues with the app

Notes: Not all functions on the app worked effectively alongside the desktop version. Insights were also not coming across clearly. People typically upload content on their computer and not via the app. It’s mainly used for communication purposes.

Action: If you’re having issues with the app - be sure to report them to us so we can get them fixed. We are growing our development team so we have more resources to fix any bugs or issues you might have.

The messaging centre: One column for content and one for communication.

Notes: During situations of multiple pieces of content, particularly when stories are involved, it can be difficult to distinguish which content is for which post.

Action: We do have this already to an extent but are working with the tech team to make it more distinguishable.

Digital Usage Rights

Notes: 1 year is covered - you will need to charge an additional fee after that. Also should depend on the context of distribution. I.e. social media, TV and billboards

Action: Remember that all Whalar campaigns come with 1 year digital usage rights, unless otherwise specified and that you should set your price according to this.

Paid Media

Notes: More brands are looking into putting money behind paid content.

Action: When boosting you have to be careful with the demographics - some want to be realistic, and others want to engage new audiences.

Additional notes: The concern of #ad affecting content positioning - this is only to do with the quality of content and how well it performs (soon after publishing) and not to do with it being an advertisement.

Influencer selection

Notes: Influencers can sometimes reject brands on ethical grounds (i.e. excess packaging).

Action: Transparency is good - both on educating brands and there could be an option to ask questions in the initial process (or place a greater emphasis on brand research for the more conscious creators).

Links for stories

Notes: Sometimes they are found difficult - option to attach a file instead with all the data.

Action: Screenshotting your story analytics is still the best solution to share your analytics, however, Instagram are releasing a tool soon that will enable us to see your story analytics.

Briefing process

Notes: Creators find the mood board really helpful.

- Some desire a more open conversation with the images selected for the mood board.

- Mood-board to include their own (the influencers) images. For instance; ‘these are the type of images we want you to replicate - they’re why we chose you’ - Brands / Whalar to offer their favourite pieces of content from the creator (in relation to that campaign) so they know what creative strengths they can play on.

- Dislike for ‘wide briefs’ I.E. Produce a ‘Creative’ image - ‘Creativity means different things to all of us.’

- Full creative freedom, or a tight brief. The in-betweens are difficult to navigate.

Action: Creators are made aware of which images of their content the brands prefer.

2) Other platforms

Notes: Positive reaction as we are not just client focused.

Discussion on transparency - wanting to know who works with brands. Ultimately the brands choose the creators.

Creators pick up to ten brands they love for a deeper understanding of which campaigns they would naturally go for.

Action: Reiterate the importance of updating tags and how lack of work isn’t due to lack of quality.

3)Community experience

Notes: People enjoy these types of events - intimate where your voice can be heard. It also puts a face to the names of the Whalar team!

A positive response to the idea of more workshops.

- Possibly sponsored and headed by an experienced creator in that field.

- Youtube tutorials were also mentioned. I.e. Photography - people coming together from different backgrounds and sharing skills.

- Exhibition of content was greeted with enthusiasm. Mixing different disciplines under one singular creative roof.

- Xmas Party!

Action: Small, regular events favoured over fewer and larger events.

4) Perks and Fees

Notes: For experience, a little under (but not as low as other platforms) Greater fluidity on how much content you are producing for a specific campaign.

- Fees are contextual - depending on the campaign and amount of content. Negotiation is always open.

5) Workload

Notes: Dry spells aren’t because your last campaign was poor - the right one just hasn’t come up since.

Ambassadors are being favoured - again this is up to the brand.

Client feedback system could be put in place. It would also allow people to see that they’re not coming up for campaigns because their content isn’t up to scratch.

Action: We are hoping to build those long-term relationships with brands as we head into 2019. It depends vastly on brand education and we are moving into that space. Feedback session for creators to be included in events.

If you have any more feedback for us, or have any questions or queries about the above, please do let us know via email: campus@whalar.com.

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Editor, Studio by Whalar