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The October Whalar Meet-up

On Thursday 18th October 2018, above a small pub in North London, we hosted our first ever intimate meetup to discuss recent issues, and receive any feedback from a select group of our influencers. Here’s what you may have missed.

Attending influencers


Attending Whalar Team

Chelsea Carter - Head of Content and Community - @chelseafbcarter
Miranda Harle - Client Services Manager - @rmirandaharle
Yasmin Coutinho - Client Services Executive - @yasmin*_*coutinho
Imogen Mace - Client Services Executive - @imiimace
Alyssa Morgan - Client Services Executive - @alyhaymor
Emily Sharp - Visual Content Producer - @emilyfredasharp
Will Rix - Content and Community Executive - @willrixy

The Agenda

We divided the discussion into 5 main points; User Experience, Other Platforms, Community Experience, Perks and Fees, and Workload. Take a look below to read what was raised about those key points, and what we’re doing to act on them.

1) User Experience


Taking control of your own tags - and by extension - you’re content. Key to remember here is honesty and to evolve with it. If your content changes, so do your tags. Six tags per person, so as to stop creators from spreading themselves too thinly across potential platforms.

Notes and action: This change was positively welcomed, however creators would like to add different tags. If you feel like there are any tags missing - please do let us know via email: campus@whalar.com


In order to use Whalar to it’s full potential, we need you to give us new API permissions. You can do this easily by clicking the blue banner when you log in, so long as you have a business account.

Notes and action: There is a general reluctance to switch over to a business account, and it was raised that some encountered issues with connecting the Facebook page to their Instagram. If this issue has affected you, please do let us know by emailing campus@whalar.com. We have reassurance from Instagram that a Business Account will not affect your engagement, and we are now collecting examples of where Business Accounts are actually better in the long run for your work than Personal Accounts.

Platform Bugs

There has been a recent issue with the messaging input being hidden for users who have not converted to business account on the desktop.

Notes and action: You can stop this from happening by either converting to a business account or by clicking ‘X’ on the blue banner at the top of the messaging system. We are working on an updated modal to replace the graph API banner which will fix this issue with the messaging input being hidden for users who have not converted to business account (or closed the banner) on the desktop. If you ever have any other bugs on the platform, be sure to screenshot it and send it to the team as soon as possible. You can do so via email here: campus@whalar.com.

2) Other Platforms

We’re focussed on premium content and creators, which we believe sets as apart from much of the competition, but how is that perceived by our community. But is there anything we can be doing better?

Usage Rights

We had some feedback that usage rights weren’t always clear, and that we could be doing more to make it clear.

Notes and action: For full transparency, our default usage rights are 1 year digital usage rights, but please check the invite you receive as they will specify the exact usage rights the brand wants for this specific collaboration - as always with Whalar please feel free to ask questions and negotiate. If you feel that the usage rights process isn’t clear enough, please do let us know via email (campus@whalar.com) and we will look to amending this.


Whalar only ever contacts you when we have work for you. Our competitors often show the full range of work they have on.

Notes and action: It may not be useful for you to see when you aren’t being picked for campaigns as the feedback isn’t always constructive, and we feel that if you were trying to make yourself more ‘brand friendly’ you’d lose your authenticity. However, when we do get truly constructive feedback we will share it with you in future.

3) Community Experience

Object Project

Positive response to the content efforts by Whalar, and that it helps you to find out about creators you usually wouldn’t encounter.

Notes and action: If you haven’t already, do get involved with the #ObjectProject by following us on Instagram.


Positive response for these intimate meetups where everyone gets to talk and meet each other in person. It was raised that we could also allow the influencers to present their work at these events so everyone can learn a little more about each other, or maybe even do a speed-networking style activity.

Notes and action: We will definitely be hosting more intimate meetups like this, and will look to hosting a presentation style event in the future.

Getting to know the team

There is still a bit of unfamiliarity between the influencers and the Whalar team.

Notes and action: We are working on releasing a more comprehensive breakdown on the team, so you know exactly who you’re working with.

4) Perks and Fees


The world of influencer marketing moves quickly, and it was raised by a few influencers that our fees no longer match the rest of the industry.

Notes and action: We have now altered how we calculate our fee structure, and have raised pricing across the board by 20 - 25% to reflect the feedback given!

US Dollars

It can be frustrating to work in a different currency to the one you use most days. We work in USD because we work on a global scale.

Notes and action: If you would like us to calculate your fee for you, please let us know, and don’t be afraid to let the fact that we operate in dollars affect your price. Remember to factor in conversion rate and bank fees.

5) Workload

Our ecosystem works as follows: commercial team pitch to lots of clients, we win a campaign, we then suggest a long list of influencers, the client selects their shortlist and we start reaching out to you guys for work. We only ever contact you about work if we can guarantee the client wants to work with you.

Notes and action: The campaign request feature is a great way to be proactive with campaigns, so keep a look out for them as they help you get onto these ‘longlists’, and be sure to keep in touch and let us know what you’ve been up to lately!

Overall, it was a super fun and successful meetup, and we can’t wait to meet more of you at the next one! If you have any more feedback for us, or have any questions or queries about the above, please do let us know via email: campus@whalar.com.

Banner image from our Head of Design @fybe.one

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Editor, Studio by Whalar