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WTF is the Graph API and Why You Should Connect Your Business Account

Graph API has been a hot topic since Instagram and Facebook combined their APIs into one centralised system.

If you don’t already know, the API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that allows two systems to communicate with each other. When you give us permission, the Graph API allows Whalar to access certain data about your account from Facebook / Instagram. We, of course, would not be able to access any private or sensitive data - such as passwords or messages. We also would not have the ability to do things such as upload content, follow or unfollow accounts, delete content, or send direct messages from your account.

Basically, we can’t touch your stuff.

However, why we ask our creators to connect to the Facebook Graph API is due to the deeper insights that brands are now wanting to see prior to securing collaborations with creators. Data such as…

- Audience city and country percentages

- Audience gender and age percentages

- Impressions - total number of times your content has been viewed

- Profile views within specified periods of time

The switch also allows us to see the data around the different kinds of posts you make (i.e. single content, carousel, and stories). This data includes: engagement, impressions, actual reach, saves, video views, replies, tap forwards (stories), and tap backwards (stories).

All these insights allow us to track the performance of your posts and your account’s audience over any period of time. Which ultimately enables us to report with far greater accuracy on your behalf when we are putting you forward for campaigns.

To put this into play, we could see:

- If your percentage of male to female audience ratio has shifted over the last month

- If your most successful posts are single pieces of content, carousels, or stories

- What your real amount of impressions are for a post, outside of just your following

Primarily, we are able to showcase the data side of what you far more coherently to potential clients. This, in turn, makes you far more visible as creators to potential clients and collaborations - increasing your chances of selection for desirable creative projects.

We are also putting our brains together for some exciting features that could help you put this data into perspective for the long run… (so watch this space..)

So how do you connect to the Facebook Graph API?

You know that pop up box that keeps appearing when you log into your account? All you have to do is click ‘connect’ and the system will work it out for you. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re trying to connect and having any issues, do let us know at hello@whalar.com and we’ll get it sorted for you ASAP.

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